20 12 21 13 20 48 original 600x600 portable 5 gallon water container
20 12 21 13 20 48 original 600x600 portable 5 gallon water container

Portable 5-Gallon Water Container

Transport potable water in a survival situation. These 5 gallon water containers are BPA free and made out of food grade materials. They are impact resistent and use a universal threaded opening.

In the outdoors, these grab-and-go jugs are a great way to quickly move water to keep your campsite hydrated.

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Trail Purpose

Having clean water to stay hydrated during outdoor activities is critical. We recommend having portable, potable water on hand in campout settings. Sometimes there is distance between water resources. Be prepared with a durable 5 gallon water container to ensure mobility and hydration resources. 

We recommend having a pair of 5 gallon water jugs for easy transport. Store them full of water and cycle the water occasionally so it's always somewhat fresh.

What We Like

  • Universal Mouth - These water containers have a wide mouth for easy fill and pour.
  • Durable - We've put ours through the test. They last for years in all sorts of conditions and abuse. I have yet to break one.
  • Size - 5 gallons is enough for an adult or large child to carry. When possible, carry 2 for balance.
  • Leak Resistant - Military and emergency organizations use these water containers because they are durable and leak resistent

Tips and Recommendations

  • Store them Full - Be ready for evacuation with full containers. Be sure to cycle the water so it is fresh. You can find the right amount of bleach to add for extended storage.
  • Have Two - Many adults can carry two at a time which is a balanced load and a full 10 gallons of mobile water
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