20 12 21 13 20 51 original 600x600 550 paracord with integrated fishing line  wire  tinder
20 12 21 13 20 51 original 600x600 550 paracord with integrated fishing line  wire  tinder

550 Paracord with Integrated Fishing Line, Wire, Tinder

550 paracord type 3 was selected by the military for parachute usage. It is rated to hold 550 pounds and is highly favored for survival situations. We consider it one of the highest priority emergency essentials and it should be a part of go-bags and other survival supplies.

This survivor cord also includes fishing line, waterproof fire tinder, and conducive copper wire. Check out our review below.

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Trail Purpose

Milspec paracord is used a lot in outdoor situations. This cord is 550 type 3 military-grade paracord and we recommend adding it to all day packs, backpacks, vehicle kits, and survival supplies. 

SurvivorCord enhances standard 550 with a few additional non-native strands. They include fishing line, conducive copper wire, and waterproof fire tinder.

This military grade paracord is versatile with these possible Uses:

  • Fishing
  • Fire starting
  • Electrical Procedures
  • Rigging Parachutes
  • Lashing
  • Shelter Construction
  • Traps
  • Snares
  • Rigging
  • Trot Lines
  • Gill Nets
  • Braids
  • Wraps
  • Slings
  • etc.

At minimum you should carry 50 feet. Many outdoor enthusiasts will store hundreds of feet just in case.


We bought a bundle to try it out. We have mixed feelings. The cord is as strong and useful as normal paracord. The fishing line works for fishing. The tinder is AWESOME for fire starting. We're not sure what to do with the wire because it's too thin for snaring (we suspect you could braid a few lengths together). In concept the intent is great. Here's the rub: you usually have to destroy the main cord to get to the other strands. 

Recommendation: Carry normal cord for usual survival uses. Carry a small amount of SurvivorCord for the extra features.

What We Like

  • Reliability - Milspec 550 paracord must be certified to be classified as type 3. You can count on its strength for any emergency job.
  • Versatility - Paracord can be used in so many ways to stay alive or stay comfortable.
  • Strength - Each strand of cord can handle 550 lbs of weight. For the weight and cost it's a great value.
  • Cost - At around $10 per 50 feet (or better for longer lengths) you can invest in a lot of it.
  • Tinder - Starting fire is a synch with this stuff.
  • Fishing Line - We could see using this in a bind.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Training - Learn a few knots and lashings - better to learn before you need it.
  • Sunlight - Direct sunlight is the kryptonite of paracord
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