20 12 21 13 21 54 original 600x600 zip ties
20 12 21 13 21 54 original 600x600 zip ties

Zip Ties

Plastic zip ties come in handy so often. The need to lash or strap items together arises frequently. On the trail having zip ties on hand can save a lot of grief.

These zip ties are sturdy but can be cut away with a multi-tool or blade. They're a light weight quick fix for many issues.

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Trail Purpose

The need to quickly connect or lash something together arises all the time. In the perfect world we go to the store and get the right fix. When we're in survival mode we need to get the job done. Zip ties are in the same class as duct tape for the fix-all possibilities. We recommend carrying some in a Stage 1 essential pouches as well as more in other stages. For the weight and cost they are a go-to solution.

They have 1 con - they are single use

What We Like

  • Light Weight - You can carry a lot of these without too much adverse weight consequences
  • Cheap - You get a bunch of them for almost nothing
  • Effective - They are surprisingly strong and rigid when applied
  • Easy to Apply - Stick the tappered end into the slot on the other end an pull tight
  • Different Sizes - Buy them in the size that you think you'll need the most - we think the 12 in or 15 in are most versatile

Tips and Recommendations

  • Keep them away from children - seriously! My son came in one day with one wrapped around his neck. It still had slack but it FREAKED me out. 
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