20 12 21 13 20 21 original 600x600 snatch block pulley
20 12 21 13 20 21 original 600x600 snatch block pulley

Snatch Block (Pulley)

Pulley's are well known tools for creating mechanical advantage. Use with a winch or other anchor to lift heavy things, get a vehicle unstuck, or move big objects. 

Use snatch blocks in shops, vehicles, or work sites. For the price, a pulley is a great value for multiplying your strength.

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Trail Purpose

Pulleys have a mechanical advantage of 2 per pulley in a block and tackle system. That means you can double your strength with each pulley when lifting, pulling or moving. 

Add a pulley to a winch to extract a vehicle from mud or snow, lift a heavy object (i.e. engine) with a single hand, or remove a large log from a road. Actions like this and many more can be done with a snatch block pulley. 

Last Spring we took a quad trip. We left in the morning when the snow was firm. By afternoon the snow had softened. We almost made it to the trucks but one of the rigs got severly stuck when the snow gave way and it high-centered. We had a winch which helped for a minute until the quad started plowing snow. We added a snatch block to the system and easily extracted the quad.

What We Like

  • Simple to Use - add a pulley to a winch line, chain, or other line and you're in business
  • Affordable - for the price, you get a huge amount of value in lift capability
  • Capacity - This model is rated for a load of 10,000 pounds

Tips and Recommendations

  • Try it before an emergency actually happens
  • In this case the more the merrier - if it makes sense, add pulleys to your system to gain more advantage
  • Warning: make sure your line can hold the stress of the task - a line under tension can cause injury or death if ruptured by the strain
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