20 12 21 13 21 37 original 600x600 rubbermaid lockable bin container
20 12 21 13 21 37 original 600x600 rubbermaid lockable bin container

Rubbermaid Lockable Bin Container

Rubbermaid makes great products. Stow your camping gear in a rugged, plastic, lockable storage bin. The multi-sized bins are sturdy and the lids clamp shut for water resistent protection. 

Keep your larger camping gear, cooking gear, and rarely used equipment in these secure storage containers.

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Trail Purpose

Choose the right size bin for storing your camping equipment and supplies. You can close the lid securely with the latches. Some of the bins nest inside of one another for added protection.

You can stow the items for rapid retrieval in an evacuation. These bins are great for your car camping gear.

Size Options:

  • 8 Gallon - 14.0 in. x 11.0 in. 10 in
  • 24 Gallon - 20.0 in. x 14.5 in. x 15.0 in.
  • 35 Gallon - 31.0 in. x 16.0 in. x 14.0 in.
  • 48 Gallon - 40.0 in. x 17.0 in. x 14.0 in.

What We Like

  • Sizes - the sizes are just right for adding large items, yet you can pack them around easily
  • Lid Latches - secure the lids fast to the container body
  • Nesting - smaller bins can fit into the largest bin for extra organization and protection
  • Sturdy - durable plastic holds up well
  • Keyholes - holes in the lids are perfect for tie downs
  • Water Resistence - while not water proof, the lid and bin keep out elements and precipitation

Tips and Recommendations

  • Organize the interior items in bags or pouches for quick access
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