20 12 21 13 21 57 original 600x600 emergency blankets
20 12 21 13 21 57 original 600x600 emergency blankets

Emergency Blankets

The radiant survival mylar blanket and bivvy is designed to keep you warm and dry in an emergency. These emergency blankets serve as your emergency cover, survival shelter, and emergency heat source all-in-one. Engineered for emergencies and survival, you can supplement your insulated outerwear for radiant heat.

Reflective interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat.

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Trail Purpose

The light-weight emergency blanket fits perfectly in your outdoor packs. It compliments insulative gear and radiates heat back to your body. It can provide a great value in an emergency for the price and weight sacrifice. 

What We Like

  • Light Weight - We justify the addition to our gear because the product is so light weight and provides a vital function.
  • Really Works - We tested a bivvy made from the same material. It is waterproof, wind resistant, and reflects your body heat. 
  • Affordable - You can find these for very affordable prices. 

Tips and Recommendations

  • Fragile - The material is easy to tear. Minimize movement and snags.
  • Single use - These get damaged easily and are very hard to fold up to put back in the bag.
  • Not insulated - A mylar blanket is not a replacement for insulated clothing or a real blanket. They work to help you stay warm but they are not insulated. 
  • Water collection - Dew, rain and other water can be collected if no other plastic is available.
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