20 12 21 13 22 53 original 600x600 wool blanket
20 12 21 13 22 53 original 600x600 wool blanket

Wool Blanket

A wool blanket is a great insulator. It can provide warmth even when wet. It is designed to trap body heat under most conditions. 

This wool blanket is made of fire retardant material and is large enough for two people to use. It's a great indoor or outdoor option to protect against cold.

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Trail Purpose

A wool blanket is a reliable insulator. You can use them indoors and outdoors. They'll trap heat even when wet. 

Stay warm even under the harshest conditions with our military styled wool blanket. A durable blanket designed for outdoor use that makes a great addition to any outdoor pack. The oversized designs will make sure you're covered no matter how tall you are. The high wool content traps heat better than blankets made of mostly synthetic material.

We use our wool blankets all the time. We'll pack them in the car for some winter trips too.

What We Like

  • Effective - works in nearly any condition
  • Warm - very reliable insulator

Tips and Recommendations

  • Have one for each person in the household
  • Add one inside a sleeping bag for really cold conditions
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