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20 12 21 13 22 16 original alvada socks 6x6

Wool Socks

Keep your feet warm in cold weather or a cool evening with ultra-popular wool socks. These wool socks are ideal for hiking, camping, biking, fishing, etc.

These highly-rated insulated socks are just the right weight to keep you warm without making you sweat. Pair it with other cold-weather outerwear to keep your body warm.

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Trail Purpose

Staying warm is one of the top outdoor priorities. Cold weather and temperatures are one of the biggest threats to enjoyable outdoor activities. Covering your feet with insulated wool socks is one of the keys to keeping warm. 

These wool hiking socks are built to provide you with total support and comfort during an emergency, no matter the weather. Each pair of these hiking boot socks is ideal for the rugged terrain, allowing them to be great mens or women's hiking socks. These wool socks come blended with nylon to promote a comfortable, itch free experience. Ultra comfortable, these hiking socks won't cause you to pause in your step to scratch at your foot or readjust the calf height sock. With these wool socks, women and men alike can enjoy the comfortable warmth that these cozy socks provide. Especially good for the colder months, each winter sock in the pair of men and womens wool socks will keep out the cold and moisture that wintertime often affords.

Learn to stay warm with clothing layers, shelter, and fire.

What We Like

  • Insulated - will keep you warm 
  • Light Weight - easy to pack and carry
  • Durable - holds up for years of regular use

Tips and Recommendations

  • Go-Bag - keep one of these in your bug-out-bag
  • Sweat - try not to sweat - if you are active in an emergency shed layers to keep from sweating while remaining warm. if you shed layers, don't discard them, put them back in your bag or a pocket.
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