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20 12 21 13 20 39 original 600x600 flashlight

Tactical LED Flashlight

A metal tactical flashlight is great for the outdoors and trail activities. This flashlight is durable and has multiple functions including zoom, multiple levels of brightness, and emergency pulse.

When the grid goes down or you're forced to evacuate it's important to have a light source you can rely on. This package comes with two emergency lights.

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Trail Purpose

A reliable light source in the outdoors is critical. Camping, hiking, backpacking, etc. all require artificial light as the sun sets. Daylight activities can be challenging enough but building a fire, setting up shelter, going to the bathroom at night in the dark can be unneccessarily complicated without personal light.

A tactical flashlight built from metal construction is durable and water resistent. You want something that will hold up. This light can withstand drops, temporary submerging, freezing, etc. These are the lights you see on TV when they run them over with a big truck.

The LED bulb outlasts traditional incandescent bulbs and is 10 times brighter. It can use AAA batteries or a single rechargeable and each has a belt holder.

This package comes with a pair of flashlights with the following modes:

  • High Beam
  • Medium Beam
  • Low Beam
  • Strobe
  • SOS

We use our flashlights regularly on campouts and they work great. We strongly recommend using rechargeable batteries for longlasting usage.

What We Like

  • Price - Two for the price of one is a great deal. Makes sense to have extras around the house.
  • Durable - They're pretty sturdy. Ours have scratches but no dents or dings.
  • Bright - The LED bulbs light up the room or outdoors.
  • Modes - When you need it you can use high mode to light up the entire area. When you don't you can go into energy saving mode with the low beam. We've never used strobe or SOS for camping use but the modes could come in hand in an emergency.
  • Water Resistent - We've used ours in the rain, dropped them in streams, and left them out in the dew. No issues.
  • Compact - They fit into a pocket or pack easily.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Rechargeable batteries - While these lights last a long time on a set of batteries we recommend rechargeables for emergency scenarios.
  • Headlamp - Also consider a headlamp for hands-free usage.
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