20 12 21 13 22 47 original 600x600 survival handbook
20 12 21 13 22 47 original 600x600 survival handbook

Survival Handbook

Pack a survival field guide in your vehicle or backpack. It has essential training and procedures to protect yourself and survive. 

Learn to build shelter, start a fire, hunt and gather, stay warm, source water, communicate, get found, use a compass, and more. 

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Trail Purpose

In an outdoor situation having some guidance written by a pro can make a huge difference. In fact, just having something to read and keep your mind working productively is a big step. 

This guide to surviving outdoors is a great resource to include in your go-bag. It covers so many solutions to staying healthy, protected, and alive. It covers the basics of making shelter, finding food, staying warm, and more.

We've read this book cover to cover and even though we've been involved in Scouts for years we learned a lot. One thing we learned is that today's technology and gear is so much better than when the author wrote the book. We're fortunate to have so many resources for our preparedness.

What We Like

  • Layman Dialog - You don't have to be a bushmaster pro to follow along.
  • Survival Mindset - The author assumes resources are limited and give advice on how to make the best with what you have.
  • Quick Read - This is not a survival encyclopedia, it's straight forward and quick to digest. Ther is a lot but it is well organized.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Get trained - Hopefully this book isn't your first take on outdoor living. Go camping and spend some time outside so life in the outdoors isn't new to you in a disaster situation.
  • Gear up - make sure you have survival gear and supplies on hand for an emergency.
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