20 12 21 13 22 42 original 600x600 pocket tissue
20 12 21 13 22 42 original 600x600 pocket tissue

Pocket Tissue

The perfect toiletry item for personal cleanliness. These individually packaged pocket tissues double as toilet paper. They are perfect for day packs and backpacks as well as vehicles.

We recommend stocking up on these packs for outdoor activities. Keep them in your kits, vehicles, purses, etc. 

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Trail Purpose

Use these pocket tissues for toilet paper or personal cleanliness. They contain just the right amount of tissue for outdoor bathroom events. 

I've taken them on every Scout outing for years. They're so much better to carry than actual toilet paper because the packaging is water resistant and the tissue holds up better.

What We Like

  • Individual Portions - There is just enough tissue to take care of outdoor bathroom needs without packing a lot of extra
  • Soft, Durable Tissue - Toilet paper doesn't hold up well in the outdoors - this tissue seems to hold it together better
  • Versatile - Deal with sinus issues, bathroom events, kitchen cleanup, etc
  • Enriched - It actually comes with vitamins for the skin and is good for all types of skin

Tips and Recommendations

  • All parties - make sure everyone carries their own package or two
  • Ziplock - it doesn't hurt to keep the tissues in ziplocks in case you use some and want the rest for later
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