Now That's Stuck!

In my younger years adventure and good decision making didn't always line up perfectly. 

I bought a new Toyota Tacoma and it didn't take very long to find its limits. It was an incredible machine and could go nearly anywhere as long as I didn't high-center it. I could make it drift, spin cookies, climb nearly anything and much, much more.

One day I had my brother and his friend up in the mountains. It had rained so we were seeking mud and puddles. We found some great spots to spin, flip rooster tails, and challenge our wits. 

Eventually we came up to a long mud hole that had challenged 4 wheel drives for years. It was full of watered-down mud and looked VERY enticing.

My brother egged me on but it didn't take much because i was already licking my chops. 

We lined up with the run and accelerated. We plunged into the mud pool and gunned it. We made good progress. It was definitely deeper than I anticipated and water was at the height of the door windows. I started praying that the air filter wasn't under water because we'd have a dead truck if it was. I pushed on...

My brother then said calmly, "don't look at your feet." Of course I did. Thin mud was pouring into the cab. I pushed on...

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We got to the other end of the pool and started to climb out. However, there was a lip on the top rim and the tires couldn't get a grip. We were stuck!!

They got out of the truck and inspected the situation. It wasn't good. 

All of a sudden another truck came around the corner and I breathed a sign of relief. We pulled out the tow rope and he towed us over the lip. I parked on an incline and opened the doors. Mud and water poured out of the exhaust, cab, bed, and engine compartment.

Once it had drained we went down to a lake and I checked the air filter compartment. The level of mud and water had gotten to 1 inch of the top. The truck had been able to breath just enough to keep from dying in the pool - such luck!

We got home safely but the work began from there. I pulled the seats and shampooed the interior. I hosed out the engine compartment and other drive components. 

I tried to start the truck but it was dead. The battery was dead. I took it to the mechanics and he said the alternator had been fried. 

At some point we got the truck back together and in functioning order. I learned my lesson and I've slowed down a lot since then.

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