Flasher at the Hot Pots

In college, we lived in Provo, UT. Near neighboring Spanish Fork there is a trailhead that takes you to a hotsprings destination we used to call the hot pots. I think they call it Fifth Water Hot Springs now. 

You park at a trailhead and hike in 2 and a half miles or so. The hike is along the Fifth Water Creek. When you get there you see some large (wide) pools where the hot water pours into the creek.

We had gone to the springs a few times over the years. We would hike in during the winter in the snow. We only ever went in the dark but I hear the surrounding scenery is fantastic. 

One evening my roommates and a few other guys set out on a group date. All of us invited first dates who we thought could brave the cold and be OK swimming in the winter. 

We reached the trailhead and started the hike. We goofed around and tried to impress our dates as we got to know them. We arrived at the hot pots in the dark with a near-full moon. We started to shed layers in the cold to get to our swim suits. 

There were a couple of guys already there in one of the pools close by. We didn't pay much attention to them when we first arrived. However, as we surveyed the pools in the dark we looked for a pool away from the men so we could have our own space. One of the larger pools was wide open and we made our way over.

Just as our group passed the pool the men were in, one of them stood up. The moonlight was definitely bright enough to reveal he was standing there naked!

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The girls we were with were all very modest and I felt like our entire group gasped in unison. We all turned our heads. 

That guy had intentionally flashed us and got exactly the reaction he was looking for. We snickered and giggled and made our way in the dark over to our pool. 

Needless to say we were happy when the men finally left and we could have the hot springs to ourselves without risking the visuals of naked old man.

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