We Cooked the Entire Campout!

A year ago we went camping with the Scout troop. We were car camping to a beautiful spot we'd been to before right on the river. Since the land was owned by friends there wouldn't be anyone else around. The boys loved the privacy and decided they wanted to eat like kings. 

The week before in our troop meeting we created a menu and made assignments for the ingredients and cooking gear. The weekend arrived and so did several coolers. I realized we were going to be cooking A LOT of food and probably cooking most of the weekend. 

We got to the site and set up the camp kitchen. I caught myself standing and staring at the mountain of food and supplies. We were going to eat like kings!

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The boy leader of the troop made cooking and cleaning assignments for dinner and each of the other meals. Soon we had the dutch ovens out and filled with delicious food cooking on hot charcoal.

Here is the menu the boys decided on:

  • Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie
    • Main Ingredients
      • chicken
      • potatos
      • onions
      • carrots
      • cream of chicken soup
      • Pillsbury biscuits
  • Breakfast: Mountain Man Breakfast
    • Main Ingredients
      • sausage
      • bacon
      • hashbrowns
      • cheese
      • tortillas (for burrito style eating)
  • Lunch: Dutch Oven Pizza
    • Main Ingredients
      • crust
      • cheese
      • sauce
      • pepperoni

The food turned out delicious! The Chicken Pot Pie was the best - in fact, it might be the best meal I've ever eaten in the outdoors. The Mountain Man Breakfast is a staple for the boys and they're pros at cooking it. The Pizza was a challenge. 2 of the 5 pizzas ended up a bit burned so the boys ate the toppings off.

We did cook and clean almost the entire campout. They played in the water and explored around but there was someone at the kitchen cooking almost non-stop. Not sure if the quality of food justifies the restrictions to the camp???

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