Off Roading to Find a Comet

In the summer of 2020 the comet Neowise came into view from Earth. It was visible from nearly anywhere as long as the night sky was clear. 

We live in the Northwest so the sky is often filled with moisture. Adding any form of light pollution from city lights make viewing the stars and sky a lot more difficult. 

A group of us had decided to take an ATV trip to a lake we've never visited called Killarney Lake. The total trip was about 135 miles round trip. Packing extra fuel was a requirement. We traveled on forest service roads through the back country. At times we wouldn't see anyone for hours at a time.

We finally got to the lake and camped out at a groomed site on the lake. The boys slept in hammocks and the fathers set up tents. We started a fire, cooked some dinner and did the usual camp activites. 

As it got dark, one of the boys said, "has anyone seen the night sky like this?" 

We were far enough from the city there was no light pollution and we could see the stars with clarity. Just then I remembered reading about the Neowise comet in the news. I pointed to the expected position in the sky and sure enough, there it was.

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We made our way to the dock on the lake so we could get out of the trees. We could see the comet very clearly with the naked eye just over the final colors of the evening sky. The sky reflected off of the glassy water so it felt like we were surrounded by night sky. It was beautiful.

The boys just stared for a bit. All of a sudden a shooting star blasted through the sky. One of the boys asked, "did you guys plan all of this?"

Of course we took credit as we sat and enjoyed for a bit.

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