20 12 21 13 21 28 original 600x600 waterproof playing cards
20 12 21 13 21 28 original 600x600 waterproof playing cards

Waterproof Playing Cards

Start a game when things slow down while camping. In some cases finding water, building shelter, producing food, etc take up time in caming situations. However, some outings require A LOT of waiting. A deck of cards can go a long way.

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Trail Purpose

I've been on a number of campouts with a lot of down time (i.e. Scout camp). A deck of cards made the time bearable. Keeping from getting bored is important in the outdoors.

What We Like

  • Engaging - card games can keep you occupied for hours at a time
  • Waterproof - these cards can hold up well in the elements

Tips and Recommendations

  • Learn common games before the emergency so you know what to do
    • war
    • solitaire
    • hearts
    • speed
    • kings, queens, peons
    • poker
    • quick cell
    • more...
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