20 12 21 13 21 10 original 600x600 survival multi tool
20 12 21 13 21 10 original 600x600 survival multi tool

Pull Through Sharpener and Survival Tool

Carry a portable pull-through sharpener with your outdoor knives so you can keep the blades sharp and ready to go. This multi-function tool also has a whistle and diamond rod. 

Quickly sharpen or reshape your knife blades for emergency use.

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Trail Purpose

In an outdoor situation you want your knife blades sharp and ready for use. This multi-function pull-through sharpener can help you quickly sharpen the edges of knives, fish hooks, axe blades, etc.

6-In-1 Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

  • 6 function incorporated into a portable compact design
  • Optimum durable sharpening abrasive material
  • Preset optimal sharpening angle
  • Built-in lanyard hole
  • Ideal for fishermen, hunters, campers, hikers


  • Tungsten carbide blades: quick edge setting
  • Ceramic blades: fine honing
  • Fire starter
  • High-pitched emergency whistle
  • Tapered diamond rod (Medium 400 Grit): sharpening serrations, gut hooks
  • Groove in diamond rod: sharpening fishhooks, pointed tools

What We Like

  • Compact - Tuck this multi-tool into any pack or pocket
  • Effective - Brings blades to a very sharp edge
  • Multi Function - Sharpen knives, axes, hatchets, hooks, etc

Tips and Recommendations

  • Be careful - don't make an emergency worse by cutting yourself
  • Keep it sharp - sharp blades are more effective and less dangerous than dull ones
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