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20 12 21 13 20 55 original 600x600 battery charger %28wall%29

Battery Charger (Wall)

This wall recharger is ideal for charging AAA or AA rechargeable batteries, and it's highly rated with good reason. It is a great option for outdoor devices. It analyzes batteries individually so they can be recharged based on their current charge avoiding overcharging or undercharging.

Can charge AA, AAA or 9V batteries up to 9 units at a time. To be paired with either AAA rechargeable batteries or AA rechargeable batteries.

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Trail Purpose

The ability to have full batteries on hand in the outdoors is a huge advantage. This wall charger can keep your rechargeable batteries in top condition. 

Trail Uses:

  • keep batteries at full charge before a trail outing
  • charge batteries from a generator

What We Like

  • Single Slot Charging - This charger is different than many others in that it looks at each battery individually instead of charging them in pairs. It keeps each battery charged optimally.
  • LCD Panel - Indicates the current charge of each slot.
  • Dual Size - Each slot allows user to charge a AA or AAA battery.
  • Multi-Type - Charges Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries

Tips and Recommendations

  • Avoid overcharging - many rechargers handle this automatically
  • Avoid over draining - it's best to recharge the batteries while they still have a small charge
  • NOT for alkaline batteries
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